Last minute travel checklist

The most important things you’ll need on your travels.

So you’re about to go on holiday, the weeks of waiting are over and paradise is just within reach. You should be excited, relaxed, ready to unwind – unfortunately, that is not you. Not now! Not when you’re sure to forget your passport, miss the flight or worse – get turned away at immigration.

Instead of relaxing on the sofa, flicking through your trashy holiday book, you’re panicking. Your mind has turned to mush, and you’ve forgotten all the times you’ve traveled and survived, but fear not ye feeble backpacker, put your mind to rest with this last minute travel check.

The essentials

    Visa (where necessary)
    Yellow fever certificate (where necessary)

Not so scary now is it?

When going on holiday, these are the bare essentials, everything else is a luxury. If for any reason you haven’t got these sorted, then you may as well give up now. No passport or visa? No travel. On the other hand, trousers can be brought in any country, albeit not your favorite Topshop ones.

Note: Always check if yellow fever certificates and visas are required for the country you are going to. This information can be found here Give yourself enough time to get visas in order before your flight, a minimum 6 weeks beforehand is a good time frame.

Useful things

    Hotel address and telephone number
    Money belt

Knowing your hotel address helps when at the airport you find a taxi driver that doesn’t scare you, the hotel number will then help when he doesn’t know where he’s going. Also, it’s wise to get some local currency beforehand, so you don’t get stuck penniless and in desperate need of a Coca-Cola. Lastly remember to pack a travel adapter, or prepare to go the next few weeks without a phone, your inner peace might benefit, but your social life sure won’t.

Other considerations

    Ear plugs
    Antibacterial gel
    Portable charger

Tissues for if you get caught in a public toilet with dysentery, Imodium, and antibacterial gel to avoid dysentery. Basically, avoid dysentery at all costs. A torch is useful for power cuts and night time hikes and a portable charger is great for when your iPod runs out on a 12-hour bus ride.

So now we have this list out the way you should be feeling a little calmer. All you really need is your passport, visa and yellow fever certificate (if necessary), anything else you can survive without. So calm down, have a cup of tea and go catch your flight in style.

By Zameen Brar, Editor

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