How to save money on flights

Easy ways to find the cheapest airfare

When budgeting for a trip, flights are the single most expensive thing to consider. Luckily, there are ways to find cheaper deals, leaving you with more cash for the fun stuff.

I’ve done about 30 flights this year and along the way learned some great ways to save money (and time). I’m going to list them here, some you’ve probably heard of but some are less obvious:

Find cheap flights

1. Book ahead

The earlier you search for flights the better deals you have to choose from.

2. Check different comparison sites

Sky Scanner, Kayak, and Momondo are my favorites, you can save by comparing the comparison sites, though not much.

3. Fly from a different airport

Look at maps of where the airports are in a country, it can save you both time and money to be flexible with which airport you’re going to. This is especially true because connecting layovers can be what turn your journey into an extended nightmare, and flying somewhere else can cut these times by hours.

4. Fly to a different country

YES, this can actually be an option. Look at a world map, what countries are near to each other? Can you fly to one city and then get a bus to the next? Sometimes it possible, sometimes it can even DECREASE your journey time. Like flying to Cancun and getting a bus to Belize, 10 hours and £100 cut off my journey, whoop.

5. Book flights from your phone

Booking flights through an app can actually be cheaper than booking through the same company on the computer. It’s a bit annoying that sometimes you can’t do multi-city flights this way but I would recommend it.

6. Look at different dates

If you’re flexible with what dates you travel then use fixtures such as sky scanners “whole month search tool”. This shows you on which days the cheapest flights are.

7. Travel during low season

Traveling off-season means there’s less demand for flights so theres a fall in flight cost.

Half the fun of traveling is finding the cheapest way to do it, perhaps It takes more time, but if you’re serious about traveling for as long and as cheaply as possible then it’s well worth the extra effort.

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