How I save £800 a month

How to save money fast

So you think you want to save money? Think again.

Saving can mean a lot of things, namely:


Ok so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, the point is, it’s not easy – saving money takes sacrifice. To make your pathetic paycheck mean something then you have to put away as much as you can.

I’m quite good at saving, putting up to £800 away each month, around half my paycheck. so in this article, I’m going to share my methods.

1. Get a job that pays well

If you’re willing to put effort into saving money, then you’re clearly smart. What’s the use of working your entire life in pursuit of material possessions and not saving to travel? I don’t know, ask someone who has never taken the time to explore. The point is your hard work is worth something, don’t under-value yourself and apply for jobs that compensate you well for your time.

2. Cut down on food costs

You’re a young person with little disposable income – eat like a queen and you’ll live like a pauper. On the other hand, if you start cooking all your own meals and cut out the snacks and A) you’ll become a great chef and B) you’ll be well on your way to the bikini body you’ve always wanted. Oh, and you’ll save a load of money too – what could be better? (Waitrose instead of Lidl maybe, sigh)

3. Save on rent

Rent is your biggest outgoing – so minimize it! I can only wish that living at home was an option for me, but it isn’t. However, for some people, this is a great idea, now’s a good a time as any to infect your parents’ house with your disregard for other people’s living conditions. In short consider moving home if you want your savings account to become much healthier much faster, and enjoy having a full fridge for once.

4. Stop buying clothes

I know this one is hard, it’s so easy to justify a new dress because I know – you do look goddamn sexy in it. The point is if you save right, you won’t need that dress, you’ll be living in a bikini! Sounds good? Then put that debit card away.

6. Walk, use those legs you thought were for chasing buses.

We all love slagging off Instagram’s fitness freaks, but deep down we wish we had those toned, toned thighs. Well, now you can too. You’ll need strong legs to you carry your ballooning wallet with all the bus fares you’ve saved.

So there we have it, a couple of fool proof money-saving hacks. See, maybe money saving isn’t such a bad thing; you can’t really complain about getting paid well, eating better, getting fit and living on a beach at the end of it all, can you.

Zameen Brar, Editor

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