Locals guide to Copenhagen

Want to see the real Copenhagenl? Let a local show you how.

Hi I’m Ida and I’m from Copenhagen, I love this city and to help you love it as much as I do I’ve made a little guide of places you should visit.

Danes are very sociable and host a lot of community-based activities, in that way my city is very inclusive and I want you to enjoy it like a true Dane would.

If you’re looking for exclusive spots, boutique hotels, and fancy restaurants then I can’t help you, what I can do is show you cute places where you can indulge, relax with friends, and party like a local.


Copenhagen has a lot to offer when it comes to food and Nordic food has become very popular in recent times. You can find lovely places like Naert, a which focuses on sustainable food and conscious consumption – all within a cozy, homely environment.

If you’re a big foodie then Copenhagen Dining Week is a great time to come, you can eat in all the top restaurants for only 25 euros (provided you book in advance).

If you are on a tight budget, the best eats you’ll find will be at Durum Symfoni, Nørrebrogade, a place where you can get a happy tummy for only 3 euros! Otherwise, you should visit Grød cafes: most Danes grew up with porridge and this chain has the best. It doesn’t just have to be a breakfast thing though, come enjoy for lunch or as a late snack with friends.

Free food: Byhøst app is an app, where you can see what fruits you can collect from trees and where! Genius. Copenhagen also has a lot of vegetable communities, places where you can get organic fresh vegetables from farms at cheap prices.

Hungover and just need something quick, delicious and cheap? Go for a walk around Papirøen (just cross the walking bridge from Nyhavn). Here you’ll find a lot of food options, plus it’s a fun place to explore.

A place you must also visit is Absalon, an old church turned cafe/commune where you can eat every night for only 6 euros. They also host lots of activities, dance classes, yoga, games, you name it… Just take a good look at the entrance board.

Lastly, If you wanna be a real “Vesterbro hipster”, then enjoy a cortado single shot at Dyrehaven, or sit outside in the sun at Sdr boulevard.


Nørre Bodega for cheap beers, Condesa, ILama or the Meatpacking district for drinks. Cafe Intime, Allegade 25, 2000 Frederiksberg, is a super cozy place for a beer plus it has good jazz concerts on Sundays.


Check out Culture Box and Bremen, or look for events in Kb18. Or for the true Danish experience come in June for Distortion festival, with its pop-up street parties you’ll be sure to feel like a Dane. We have a lot of other festivals, some you might have heard of like Roskilde, Scandinavia’s biggest, but there are other smaller ones too. For example this year I’m going to Heartland Festival at Egeskov Castle.


Look for Loppemarkeder in Nørrebrohallen, Tap1, or if its summer take a walk outside at Balders Plads or Guldbergsgade.



Danes LOVE saunas and sauna-events, think: essential oils, rituals and detoxing. When you live in a cold country, spending time with friends and getting heated to the core is a must. Click here for upcoming sauna-events.

Lastly check out Refshaleøen where you can also find outdoor events: – Yoga I det fri/KBH. Otherwise, if you wanna try hot yoga (not Bikram), then Nalini Yoga has a lovely studio with great teachers (I did my first teacher training with them ;) ).


Every year in August there is Copenhagen Yoga Festival, which is right next to Amager beach (drop them an email if you want to volunteer for them). There is also a lovely community festival, for different kinds of movement activities – Move Copenhagen. Here you can try out different ways to use your body (dance, slack, SUP yoga, acro-yoga, you name it).

The Yoga Flat and YO Studios are two cozy places to move your body, both places have a dance vibe as well (if you send us an email, or comment below, I can give you a discount code).

A few years ago I started BolsjeYoga, a donation based yoga every Thursday at 18.00pm. This space is also fun to explore, there’s always a concert or something fun coming up, ask around.

Otherwise, Rehab in meatpacking district is a great workout space. It has a great little juice bar and some of the best “healers” in town. Read about my friend Cecilie’s experience here.

Before visiting Copenhagen, it’s a good idea to consider what month you are in and what you want to do. It can get very dark and cold in winter but that’s when you’ll experience the famous “hygge”, however visiting summer always has it’s benefits. Don’t be shy, come visit Denmark’s capital!

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