Backpackers guide to Antigua

Where to eat, sleep and party in Antigua

Antigua can be anything you want it to be: a romantic getaway, a pit stop between climbing Volcano Acatenango and swimming in Lake Atitlan, a place to eat too much, drink too much and make too many friends. For me it was all these things, leaving me tired and heartbroken when I had to leave.

The stunning colonial city of Antigua rests precariously beside two volcanoes, Fuego, which is active, and Acatenango which is dormant and one of the top tourist attractions in Guatemala; a five hour hike takes you to its chilling summit, the perfect place to watch the sunrise and test your physical endurance (or lack thereof).

Attracting many different types of tourist, from scraggly backpackers to arty types dripping in jewels, you can be sure that Antigua caters to everybody. However, in this article, I’ll I relay to you some of the best places that cater to budget backpackers. One thing is for certain, you can’t leave Guatemala without spending at least a few days here.



Tropicana is an excellent budget hostel with plenty to do on site. By day you can lounge poolside, working on your tan or watch the spectacle of ridiculous activities organized by the staff. Think 10 am happy hours, Hawaiian parties and hula-hoop competitions and you get the idea. By night there is music, hordes of beautiful people and the best bit? Music shuts off at 10 so you can still get a good night sleep.


Toko Baru

This Middle Eastern and Asian restaurant is one of the most talked about places among backpackers, they rave about its Indian and Indonesian dishes, all of which can be purchased for under £4 (that is if you can get a table). Top tip: visit on a Friday to try their specialty fish curry, you won’t regret it.


Lucky Rabbit

The lucky Rabbit is a wild night out, the bar staff are friendly and the tequila is cheap, with great music and a lively atmosphere there isn’t much more to ask for – except perhaps that they stay open a bit later.

So there we have our Ultimate Guide to Antigua, If you think I’ve missed out on any spots our readers should know about then drop us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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